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When IBM launched the highly successful “Smarter Planet” advertising campaign, it resonated with consumers and cast IBM as a forward-thinking innovator.

Although the image campaign was successful, IBM still needed to sell products and services in the B2B market. The company wanted to:

  • Develop a B2B strategy for the overall Smarter Planet campaign
  • Weave the “Smarter Planet” idea into sales and marketing for each of the IBM global business units
  • Unify the company’s B2B messaging under one theme, rather than a mishmash of a half-dozen past campaigns.

IBM Smarter Planet worksmarterpage jpgSOLUTION

  • Created Smarter Planet messaging for eight different IBM product groups in IBM Software and IBM Systems
  • Rebranded of marketing materials for all IBM clients
  • Interviewed with more than 100 client, partner, and IBM executives to launch “We Work Smarter Together,” a series of videos about Smarter Planet initiatives
  • Created Smarter Planet marketing materials and sales enablement for nine high-growth industries: healthcare, oil and gas, energy and utilities, transportation, telecommunications, retail, banking, government, and electronics
  • Wrote hundreds of customer reference slides and case studies for the IBM Analytics division that was an integral part of the Smarter Planet story.

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  • Smarter Planet became one of IBM’s most successful and longest-running brand campaigns
  • The IBM Smarter Planet initiative generated billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of client engagements from 2009 to 2013
  • The strategy established a uniform brand throughout all IBM materials and business units after years of fragmented campaigns
  • Created a uniform storyline for all IBM Software, IBM Systems, and IBM Analytics business units

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