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In 2013, Kaiser Permanente Colorado faced a new marketing challenge—serving individual healthcare consumers preparing to enter the Colorado insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act. The company wanted a campaign that would educate this new target audience about the benefits of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated healthcare model in the age of Obamacare.


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  • As part of the Intelligent Demand agency team, helped develop the concept for the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Boardwalk, a brand experience event (BEE) based on the traditional carnival boardwalk, with games designed to educate consumers about integrated healthcare
  • Worked with designers and strategists to craft and pitch the Boardwalk concept, to win buy-in from all levels of the Kaiser Permanente team
  • Starting in March, directed creative execution of the event for launch in late May, including signage, booths, games, quiz questions, prizes, and more
  • Tied registration lead capture to an email nurture campaign educating individual healthcare shoppers further about the benefits of the Kaiser Permanente integrated model
  • Optimized the Boardwalk based on client and attendee feedback to improve the experience

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  • The Boardwalk drew large crowds at a half dozen of Colorado’s biggest events and festivals during the summer and fall of 2013
  • Generated and touched more than 40,000 leads at six events over a three-month period
  • Produced more than 12,000 qualified leads for sales
  • Email nurture campaign following the event averaged a 22 percent open rate
  • Resulted in $13 million in revenue impact for Kaiser Permanente

[1] Source: Intelligent Demand

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